Serena Williams: 'Me and daughter Olympia go everywhere together'

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Serena Williams: 'Me and daughter Olympia go everywhere together'

Serena Williams never leaves her two-year-old daughter Olympia alone. Speaking to Forbes, the former world No. 1 said: "We go everywhere together." Williams gets inspired by women leaders: "I love meeting and seeing women in Paris—how they dress and how they approach style—versus women in London and how they approach style and even the choices they make in restaurants.

I love observing all of that and being conscious of how women dress and what they’re wearing, either on their neck or on their body”. Serena often travels around the world: “I have grown to love traveling, and when I’m home for more than two weeks, I get bored and feel like I need to go somewhere”.

The Indian doubles player Sania Mirza is ready to make a comeback on the WTA Tour after motherhood. Mirza will start her new season at the Brisbane International in January. "The reason I never committed to coming back to tennis was because that I didn’t know how my body would react", said Mirza.

"It takes a tremendous toll [on the body and mind] when you are a professional athlete. It’s the same when you take care of an infant. Both are physically and emotionally demanding. I have achieved everything which I could have dreamt of in my career, whatever happens next will be a bonus for me", said Mirza who admitted she was inspired by Serena Williams for coming back to the competition.

"There is enough self-motivation to come back but it’s nice to see people like Serena competing at Grand Slams after having a baby, it’s obviously very inspiring."