Serena Williams is always the favorite, has a lot of pressure - Muguruza

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Serena Williams is always the favorite, has a lot of pressure - Muguruza

Speaking to Eurosport Garbine Muguruza talked about the expectations Serena Williams has to deal with. The Spaniard said: "People forget she has a lot of pressure because she won 23 Grand Slam titles and she is always the favorite.

Everyone gives for granted that she is not nervous and she clearly gets nervous. There are younger girls who have no pressure, they are new and they play at a very high level." Asked if she thought that she would hire Conchita Martinez as a coach already when she split with Sam Sumyk, Muguruza added: "At the time I was not thinking about anything.

What I wanted to do was to rest and end a cycle to start a new stage. I was not in a rush taking team decisions because it's important to find the right people. And at the end of the season Conchita was available and I had no doubts in contacting her."

What does she want Conchita to bring her? "She understands me because she was in our situation many times. She understands me more than any other coach. She reached finals, she was a player. She is a very calm person and I feel well with her, which is important when it comes to work all days, which is something people do not see."

Asked if she feels she can win a Grand Slam title again, Muguruza replied: "I always feel prepared. There will be moments where I play better or worse but that's always my goal. When you felt these emotions you always want to feel them again. I am sure that I can achieve it even if it's the toughest thing."