Lewis Hamilton shares what he speaks about with Serena Williams

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Lewis Hamilton shares what he speaks about with Serena Williams

In an interview the Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton spoke about how he gets inspired by fellow athletes. The Briton said: "I've always been able to adapt. One of my strengths is I think I am probably one of the most adaptive drivers there is.

I'll jump into almost any scenario and figure my way through. And that's why it works so well in the rain, for example, because you have to be dynamic in those places. Constantly shifting your driving style. I have also studied other athletes.

I listen to Valentino [Rossi] and how he feels he's had to change his driving style to keep up with the newer generation and I question myself whether that's necessary. That's his journey. He was so great, you know? But I look at that and try and figure out how I would position that.

If you look at tennis players and how they change their swing. I speak to Serena [Williams] and the nuances she goes into. I watch golf and see how Tiger [Woods] has slowly come back after improving his swing. It is very similar to a driver.

You can change these small things that just give you a wider platform and a wider foundation to be able to pull laps together. But, man, it's millimetres, or micrometers, and it's very, very hard to see the differences always."