Bianca Andreescu amazed by Serena Williams's down-to-earth attitude

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Bianca Andreescu amazed by Serena Williams's down-to-earth attitude

In an interview with Tennis Smash, Bianca Andreescu praised Serena Williams. The Canadian player was amazed by the American this year: “She’s a very nice person. After the final at the US Open she came up to me in the locker room and she said really nice things about me, and I said really nice things about her as well… even though she’s heard it so many times.

But yeah. It was a nice encounter”. On how it felt to have had some nice winning streaks lately, Andreescu added: "It’s rare that you always win. So I don’t wanna take anything for granted right now. I don’t think I’ve ever had a winning streak that long, even on the ITF Tour.

But being able to have it on the WTA tour is just incredible. Especially being out for like three or four months with an injury and coming back and accomplishing that, I think that’s very impressive. That’s the one that stands out”.

On her relationship with her parents, Andreescu concluded: “My relationship with my Dad is very good. He’s been there for me forever, and he’s supported my dreams all the time. He was actually the most calm after I would lose matches as a junior, so I’d always go to him after my matches to talk, not to my mom. He’s also very composed… same with my mom, though, surprisingly. She’s learning."