Bianca Andreescu reacts to Serena Williams' praise

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Bianca Andreescu reacts to Serena Williams' praise

Bianca Andreescu reacted to Serena Williams saying that the Canadian player is an old soul. The Canadian, as quoted by, said: "It's a very nice comment. I think it's just because of my lifestyle – I've been traveling ever since I was 12, alone.

I'm an only child too. So I was figuring out things on my own a lot, especially being away from home without my parents. I'm exposed to different things than the average teenager, I would say”. Andreescu also opened up on the toughest part of the world of tennis: “I think for me the toughest part would be the media and the fame that goes along with it.

Like when you dream about becoming No.1 in the world, winning Grand Slams, you don't think of (that). Sometimes it can be annoying when you get noticed everywhere – you just want to do your own thing. But I have to deal with that.

So far so good, I'm not complaining. I'm pretty outgoing, I'm a very social person. The places I get to visit is a privilege. So I'm very grateful”. On being a reference point for the children, Andreescu concluded: "The thing that really stood out was (people) saying that I'm an inspiration to them, and to a lot of people.

Because that's been my goal, just to go out there and put the best example of myself so I can inspire people. I remember I was 12, 13 and I looked up to a lot of people. So I know a lot of people are looking up to me, so I just want to do my best”.