Serena Williams fiercely answers criticism

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Serena Williams fiercely answers criticism

Serena Williams believes that her success and longevity are not because of her power and tennis, but also because of her hard work. Serena wanted to turn off some criticism, saying: "A lot of players or a lot of coaches tell me that Serena is so lucky.

She doesn't train. She just shows up and wins matches. God, if I could do that, I would. Oh, I would do it. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I think the older you get, the more fit you have to get to continue competing. I'm excited about it because I love being fit." Serena can count on a big weapon like the serve.

"The older I get, the better I serve, I feel, and the more ‑ not I rely on it ‑ but the more I like to hit aces. But in my whole career, I've hit a lot of aces throughout the tournaments and stuff.

I don't know how it got better. I really don't know. It's not like I go home and I work on baskets and baskets of serves. Maybe it's a natural shot for me." Serena was also asked about one loss from what she learned the most: "In 1998 I played Sanchez in the French Open, and I really believe I should have won that match. I was up, and I didn't take a chance. That's life in general. Sometimes you have to take chances."

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