Serena Williams makes big revelation

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Serena Williams makes big revelation

Serena Williams confessed she used to watch her losses on TV in order to kind of punish herself. 'It was so painful', said Serena. 'It was like stabbing myself. (Laughter.) I don't like to do that. I have tried either not to lose or not to watch matches that I lost.'

Serena also spoke about probably her biggest weapon, the serve: 'My dad always had us hit a lot of serves. Before I played Wimbledon I hit a lot of serves, tons and tons and tons of serves. It definitely depends. I think it depends on how I'm feeling or how I feel about certain shots.

It's a little bit of both.' Serena also spoke about how she keeps being interested in tennis: 'I like trying new things. I like playing new things. I like walking out there on the court every day and playing my match.

I think that keeps me going.' Does she like the way she looks in tennis photographs? 'Sometimes I look nice; sometimes I'm intense. It depends. Sometimes you have that intense look, and then sometimes you're just smiling.

It all depends.' Serena Williams's life changed a lot in the last years, having become a mother and got married to Alexis Ohanian. Still, her personality with other people continues to be the same. 'I'm an extremely shy individual, so whenever I meet people I kind of freeze up or I don't really talk', said Serena.

'I don't know how that comes across, but I actually kind of -- I always try to stay in the background. Somehow people are always putting me in the front, but I'm always the one that's like walking in the back or behind people. So, no, it's not my thing, actually.'