Serena Williams wants to win a Grand Slam as a mother, says Suarez Navarro

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Serena Williams wants to win a Grand Slam as a mother, says Suarez Navarro

In an interview to Marca Carla Suarez Navarro spoke about Serena Williams's bid to equal the Australian Margaret Court's 24 Majors. The Spaniard said: "I think she wants to win it not because she wants to get to 24 but because she wants to win as a mother.

She is getting older and the younger players are prevailing over her." Suarez Navarro would like to become a mother herself: "First a kid and then a daughter." Would she want them to become tennis players? "No.

I would like them to be athletes but not tennis players. Then if they are players, it's still okay. But if can make sure that they do not pick tennis, I will do." Why? "I think tennis is very tough. It's a single sport, you travel a lot, you have to give up many things, and it's very difficult that it turns well.

There are many girls and boys who play around the world and we know the top 200. I would like my children to approach a team sport." What could she have done in order to win more? "That killing character. Everything is about the mentality and not everyone is prepared to have a strong mentality.

I should have been more competitive." How would she like people to be remembered? "Like a natural, calm and easy person. When they see my streets they always tell me something about my backhand. It's a pleasure because you realize that they saw you playing and you have something different."