Serena Williams’ ponytail, the hairstyle trend of 2020

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Serena Williams’ ponytail, the hairstyle trend of 2020

While the ponytail hairstyle is expected to be seen almost everywhere in 2020 — according to a celebrity hairstylist —, Serena Williams got ahead of the trend as she was seen sporting the look multiple times just this month.

Although Serena wears her hair in a large variety of ways, the ponytail holds one of the top spots in her preferences. If you don’t trust us, just look at her social media profiles. Looking back at the start of December, the winner of no less than 23 Grand Slams praised with her long, curly, double-colored hair on a yacht.

The look provoked positive reactions from tennis player Nicole Gibbs — “Oh heck yes” — and international model Gigi Hadid — “Yes”. .

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However, one would expect that Serena will be seen more and more with a ponytail instead of a bun or a classic layered hairstyle.

Why? Because Ursula Stephen — a celebrity hairstylist who worked with Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Kerry Washington, Gucci, H&M and more — predicted a rise of the ponytail in the following year, and we all know that Serena is highly involved in the fashion world.

"A sleek ponytail was an opportunity to showcase a gorgeous beat, but today, ponies are making their own statement on the red carpet — especially among textured hair. From the wet look with a low sleek pony to the high pony dazzled up with lots of hair accessories, like Alicia Keys, there are tons of ways to dress up a ponytail.

I am excited to see how stylists will be creating this new year!", Ursula Stephen told InStyle. If you want to see Serena’s most recent ponytail look, check this article where we showcase her boxing with Mike Tyson.