Was Serena Williams the right woman for Drake?

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Was Serena Williams the right woman for Drake?

Formerly rumored as Serena Williams’ boyfriend back in 2015, the famous rapper Drake confessed in an interview what exactly he is looking for when dating a woman, and mentioned that he met the right one a few times in his life.

The 33 years old rapper, who was caught kissing with Serena inside a restaurant from Cincinnati in 2015, is currently rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner, a famous media personality linked with the Kardashian sisters. However, the famous rap star explained what exactly he is looking for in his search for the right woman.

“I love my space, I love my work, and I love my routine. And for me to break that for somebody, it would just have to be a really special person that fits into that puzzle, and that is supportive of the things I’m doing.

Have to be somebody that has taste in music. It’d have to be somebody that I get along with so much to the point that when we’re separate, I’m feeling like I can’t function properly without their presence”.

Now, Serena is a very busy person and we all know that: tennis tournaments all over the world, workouts over workouts, social events, fashion shows, business meetings and many more. Therefore, one could imagine she is the kind of person that needs to make room in the agenda every time someone asks for a part of her precious time.

With both Drake and Serena having their own routines, it has most probably been quite difficult for them to make ends meet. Regarding music taste, the two are not too similar either. While Drake is clearly into rap, Serena has a softer approach.

The 23 times Grand Slam winner likes to listen to ‘Flashdance What A Feeling’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Kelly Clarkson’ while working out, she told WTA in 2018. Although ‘Drizzy’ dated a lot of high-profile women — Rihanna, Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid — in the past, he failed to make it permanent, even if he says he was close.

“I have come across it a few times, I’ve yet to be able to hold onto it, for whatever reason. I’m the captain of a ship, and I look behind me and I see a lot of people on board. Full steam ahead. That’s just how I have to keep rocking for right now”.

Anyways, he hasn’t lost hope yet as he continues his search. “Hopefully I can find somebody that can just stand beside me at the wheel and help me steer while we keep the journey going as opposed to me having to pull over because that person is getting seasick”.

Serena Williams has been slashed down of Drake’s list as the 38 years old tennis legend married Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, in 2017 and also had a daughter, Olympia, with him.