Serena Williams’ coach affected by Australian fires: ’It was night at 3PM’

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Serena Williams’ coach affected by Australian fires: ’It was night at 3PM’

Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams’ coach since 2012, was surprised by the Australian bushfires as the smoke caused by the burnings traveled to Auckland and turned the sky bloody red. Mouratoglou, being astonished by the view he was witnessing.

“Smoke from Australia’s fires flew 3 000 km to Auckland today and it felt like it was night at 3pm”. , Mouratoglou said on Instagram. The situation provoked by the fire crisis currently undergoing in Australia is still extremely dangerous.

Over 500 million animals have already died and no less than 24 human victims have been recorded so far. Fortunately, the cooler weather from Sunday brought a little bit of relief, but the fires are still there. "The weather conditions have improved in New South Wales and Victoria, but there are still many fires raging and there's a significant firefighting effort continuing,'' said Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a news conference.

If you want to know more about the Australian fire crisis, you should know that Alex De Minaur helped his fans understand more by sharing an insightful post on Instagram. Besides this, De Minaur joined his friend and colleague from Team Australia Nick Kyrgios in pledging money for the bushfire relief.

"I will go $250 per ace, just because I don't think I'll be hitting as many aces as you mate." , De Minaur said in response to Kyrgios’ statement that he will donate $200 for every ace hit.