Heartbroken Serena Williams’ on Australian bushfire crisis: “We need to act now”

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Heartbroken Serena Williams’ on Australian bushfire crisis: “We need to act now”

Currently playing in Auckland, Serena Williams has shared her feelings about the disaster unfolding all over Australia due to the bushfire crisis along with two pictures of koalas saved from the fires. “I am heartbroken over the devastation of the wildfires in Australia.

With the loss of over 500 million animals and many people left without their homes, we need to act now to help in whatever way we can. I have been going to Australia for over 20 years so this devastation is hitting me particularly hard.

Here’s how we all can help: donate what you can and support organizations like World Wildlife Fund, Wires Wildlife Rescue, New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Country Fire Authority who are doing everything they can to provide resources to rehabilitate Australia’s wildlife” Serena said on Instagram.

The message above came along two photos of koalas saved by firefighters. The 23 times Grand Slam winner was clearly touched by their suffering. Unfortunately for this endangered species, their main food, the eucalyptus trees, were also largely affected by the wildfires.

“The trees will have to regrow and koalas don’t begin to use trees until they’re at least 15 to 20-years-old. ‘They have to grow big enough for them to climb up and feel safe up them. They won’t climb up skinny trees because there’s nothing to hold onto and there’s nowhere to sleep”.

, said Prof Dickman, a leading ecologist from the University of Sydney, as quoted by MetroUK. You can support the rehabilitation of Australia’s wildlife and vegetation by following Serena Williams’ advice and donate to the aforementioned organizations.

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