Why Serena Williams’ is a role model for everyone


Why Serena Williams’ is a role model for everyone
Why Serena Williams’ is a role model for everyone

Serena Williams is a legendary tennis player, a successful businesswoman and an admirable fashion designer all rolled into one human being raised in Compton, but what really sets her apart from everyone else is that she continues to be herself.

You don’t need to look further than the way she dresses, especially during Grand Slams: unique, inspirational and, sometimes, controversially. From tutus to her 2018 French Open catsuit and her 2019 ‘goddess’ suit emblazoned with the words ‘Mother’, ‘Queen’ and ‘Champion’ in French, Serena never ceases to set the trend and express herself.

This power of inspiring others while not letting other opinions have a great influence on your decisions is a “critical skill”, in performance psychologist Mindy Simpson’s opinion. “We watch athletes, we watch what they do, how they handle themselves in difficult situations, when they win and when they lose.

And we can adopt that ourselves. We can look at their behaviour and say, ‘Hey, I want to be like that,’”, Simpson said for Australian Women’s Health. Now, you may think that for Serena Williams it’s easy to make a statement because she is overly popular, but you must not forget that it is her inner power that got her where she is today.

“It’s not easy to be brave and not care what people think, because a lot of us do. But if you can adopt that type of attitude, then it will really help you in life, in terms of success and performances. It’s important to live your life and not someone else’s”.

Alex Kingsmill, life coach and director of Upstairs Coaching, said as quoted by Women’s Health. Serena Williams started the year in a powerful fashion by winning Auckland at her 38 years of age, but now we are all eager to see how she will perform at the Australian Open.

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