Patrick Mouratoglou: 'We will have to change strategy in Serena Williams' quest..'

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Patrick Mouratoglou: 'We will have to change strategy in Serena Williams' quest..'

Back in 2012, Patrick Mouratoglou and Serena Williams forged an incredible partnership, winning ten Majors together and pushing the American higher and higher on the GOAT list. At the Australian Open 2017, Serena claimed the 23rd Major crown, leaving tennis after and giving birth to a child, making a return at Majors at Roland Garros two years ago.

In 2018 and 2019, the American was the finalist at both Wimbledon and the US Open, losing all four title matches and squandering a chance to catch Margaret Court and send her tennis legacy to an even higher level. Serena will have to wait for some other opportunity to chase that elusive 24th crown, suffering the third-round loss in Melbourne to Qiang Wang and staying empty-handed again, three years after her last triumph at one of four most prominent events.

Patrick Mouratoglou is aware they will have to make some changes ahead of the remaining three Majors of the season, ready to work with on both the physical and mental aspects of her game as long as she wants to stay on the Tour and compete.

"We have to accept the fact that things have not been working well," said Mouratoglou. "Maybe we have to come back with a different strategy and goals so she can chase that 24th Major. She does feel positive but there are also some negative feelings too because it is a failure when she doesn't win a Grand Slam.

We have to face reality, but she is positive that she can make it; otherwise, she probably wouldn't be on a tennis court anymore. She believes she can make it and I think that's possible as well. She's not that far, but we have to change a few things.

She had everything to retire, 23 Grand Slam titles; still, she decided to come back and make all the efforts, the physical and mental ones, eager to score more Grand Slams and beat the all-time record. It's difficult to know how many chances she will have, I don't know how long she is going to be able to play, but being able to reach four Grand Slam finals says a lot about her level, and she's not that far.

Her level is good enough but we have to understand what is going on and why she is not able to win one. There is a big difference between reaching a final and winning one."