What does Serena Williams need to get the Slam record?

Tennis - The American is only one major from Margaret Smith's record, but something is still missing

by Lorenzo Ciotti
What does Serena Williams need to get the Slam record?

Serena Williams is looking for the slam record that still belongs to Margaret Smith, but the search has not yet been successful. At the Australian Open 2020, things could seem postive: at the beginning of January she won her 73rd career title, after almost three years since the last time.

The Australian Open draw seemed to be perfect for her arrival in the final, instead in the third round she was sensationally eliminated by Qiang Wang. After maternity, Serena touched her 24th Slam four times, but four times her dreams shattered.

Twice at Wimbledon and twice at the US Open, in 2018 and 2019. If in 2018 it was impossible to win against two more physically in shape opponents, last season was the pressure to ruin his conquest plans. And perhaps this also happened in this edition of the Australian Open.

Against Wang she lost a match she would win a hundred times. What does Serena Williams need to get the Slam record? The American said her performance in Melbourne was unprofessional and her coach Patrick Mouratoglou outlined the state of play, and he siad that at the Roland Garros she will have a new opportunity: "We have to accept the fact that it is not working.

Maybe come back with a different angle, a different strategy and different goals so she can make it. She does feel positive, she feels negative too because it is a failure when she doesn't win a Grand Slam. She's not that far away, but we have to change a few things.

Her level is good enough, but we have to understand what is going on. There is a big difference between reaching a final and winning one." he said. Now Serena, 38 yeas-old, still has three Slams to play in 2020, with as many chances of victory.

According to her own declarations, she should play at least until 2021, when she and Roger Federer will be 40 years-old, but who knows what will happen if she should get the record already this year? Serena is always a favorite in every Slam: will she and her coach find the key to the 24th success?

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