Serena Williams: My Heroes are Moms because Women are Superheroes

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Serena Williams: My Heroes are Moms because Women are Superheroes

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams says she thinks working mothers are superheroes and need to be recognised, while speaking to Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour at the New York Fashion Week on Tuesday. According to Time magazine, Williams who displayed her own fashion collection on Wednesday at the Fashion Week, says, “Being a mom is super important, but also being a leader so my daughter can look at me and say, ‘This is what my mom did.

I aspire to do that and I want to be better…It’s really important to me to inspire the next generation because that’s what the future is”. When Wintour asked her who her heroes are, Williams says, “My heroes have changed…after having a child, my heroes are moms because women are superheroes.

To have a baby and then have to go to work two or three weeks later or work a 9-5…I’m fortunate to not have to do that. I’m at a loss for words when I think of women who work day in and day out, providing for their families, when I know how hard it is for me to leave my daughter.

I never felt that way until I became a mom. I think women need to be recognized”. Besides being a mom, Williams continues to focus on her tennis career, her business ventures and now her fashion collection as well. Williams has a daughter, Olympia, who is 2 years old. At the recent Australian Open, she said that she had not spent a day apart from her daughter so far.