Wozniacki: If Serena Williams asks, I can come back to play doubles with her

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Wozniacki: If Serena Williams asks, I can come back to play doubles with her

Former World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, of Denmark, who retired earlier this year from the tennis circuit, says she would be willing to comeback for a few doubles events on the circuit if close friend Serena Williams asked her to play.

The Dane, whose last professional tournament was this year's Australian Open, was speaking on the Tennis Channel where she was asked about her future plans. When asked if she would consider returning to competition, the 29 year old said, "Maybe, if Serena asks, I can just come back to play doubles with her in a few more tournaments.

But I wouldn't even train (laughs). In Auckland, it was one of the most fun tournaments I've ever played. We didn't just discuss tactics on the court, we just talked and I thought, 'Why didn't we do this before?'" The two played doubles in Auckland in January for the first time in their careers, reaching the final and were scheduled to play an exhibition match in Denmark as a farewell send-off for Wozniacki which had to be cancelled due to the current crisis.

Wozniacki said she was also open to doing commentary work on television. "I still don't know what I'm going to do. Obviously, I love this sport a lot, it has given me a lot in life, I made a lot of friends. I would love to do some TV work eventually, I would probably do that."

One of the things that she says is not for her is becoming a coach. "I don't think becoming a coach is for me. I know what to do, but I have a hard time expressing myself to other people. I get impatient, so I don't think it's for me." Wozniacki and her husband David Lee are currently in St. Louis, in the United States at this time.