Serena Williams’ Alexis Ohanian spreads free masks in New York


Serena Williams’ Alexis Ohanian spreads free masks in New York

After Atoms – the company which has Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams’ husband, as one of the main investors – decided to sell masks on their website, Ohanian announced the distribution of the first batch of free masks in New York, following the launch of “Give One Get One” campaign.

Ohanian is a board member at the shoes manufacturing company Atoms. But even though the company is focused on shoewear, its newest products, following the sanitary crisis, are face masks. And besides selling, they also decided to donate them.

The charity campaign, as stated on Atoms’ official site, goes like this: “For every mask sold, we will donate one mask. Atoms is not planning to make a profit from mask sales. We have priced the mask to cover the costs for us so we can continue to make masks at scale”.

On Wednesday, Alexis Ohanian announced that the first round of free masks was distributed to people in New York City. “The NYC Housing Authority just distributed our first Atoms masks. Thank you to all of you who supported the “Give One Get One” campaign and we're working with our Korean manufacturers to get more production capacity as soon as possible,” said Ohanian on Instagram.

“Demand far exceeded our expectations and we're grateful for your patience (we want to get the masks to our customers and also donate as quickly as we can). Be safe out there”, Serena Williams’ continued.

People responded with “Thank you” messages written on sheets of paper.

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