Alexis Ohanian leaves dad duties & Serena Williams to talk business with Venus

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Alexis Ohanian leaves dad duties & Serena Williams to talk business with Venus

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, took a break from his dad errands and joined Venus Williams’ on an Instagram Live, where he talked about the out of the common way that a hair salon, in which he invested $1 million, survived the lockdown enforced by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thrilled to be part of Venus Williams’ Motivation Monday and not only learn some new exercises I can do with bottles of liquor but also talk about hair, entrepreneurship, and Naza Beauty - take care of yourselves, founders!

And subscribe to Coach Vee (Venus Williams),” Ohanian wrote on Instagram. Serena Williams’ husband funded the San-Francisco-based hair salon through his firm – Initialized Capital. A whopping amount of $1 million helped Naza Beauty to have a successful launch.

Not even the COVID-19 pandemic managed to stop the flourishing hair-braiding business because they came up with a great idea – teaching women to take care of their hair in the comfort of their homes. “Naza started out as a natural hair salon in San Francisco for women to be pampered and really be a first-class experience even down to the app they use to book and manage the entire experience.

They have been open for like 21 glorious days and then COVID happened. They had to shut down and keep everyone safe. So they launched these at-home haircuts,” said Ohanian. “They sold out in the first 24 hours but was something they did in order to basically keep their stylists working, using Zoom, and to be able to give them opportunities to help women if they're interested because you know we’ve been self-quarantining for a while.

To be able to do these at-home haircuts isn't the same as the full salon experience but it’s really clever”.