Serena Williams enjoys her time away from tennis: “I am pretty serene”

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Serena Williams enjoys her time away from tennis: “I am pretty serene”

The majority of tennis players find it hard to not perform in tournaments for such a long time, but Serena Williams tries to get the most of the suspension of the WTA tour and relax as much as she can while also making sure she keeps her old injuries under control.

“For me, it’s a breath of fresh air, to be honest. I don't have to think about anything. I took a lot of time off. I just started training because I was injured for a long time. I don't feel any pressure, I feel good and I love it because it kind of gives you a glimpse into my future in life.

A lot of people go crazy but I feel like it's cool and I'm dealing with it. I'm pretty chill in general, I'm pretty serene, like off the board,” Serena said on KindredCast podcast.

When Serena Williams enters a court, she is a different person

Surprised by Williams' declarations about her relaxed way of acting off-court, the host of Kindredcast reacted: “No one would say that you’re chill on the court!” Truth be told, it’s rare not seeing Serena roaring and putting her heart on the court.

Williams agrees: “I don't know anyone that could say that (editor’s note: that she is relaxed on the court) unless they’re lying”. However, besides having a chill all-around behavior, Serena Williams still maintains a routine and a clear daily structure.

“I made my own structure and routine. I’m working out in the mornings and then I have my time, a small block of straight business, sole focus. And then the rest of the day I try to spend time with Olympia and maybe have one more (business) call. So I really try to focus on spending time with my daughter,” Serena told on Kindredcast.