Serena Williams: How do you make things better for the tennis players

Tennis - Serena Williams speaks about the impact of the tennis shutdown on the lower ranked players

by Prakash
Serena Williams: How do you make things better for the tennis players

Tennis legend Serena Williams says that the current tennis shutdown due to the global pandemic is scary for many lower ranked players as they don't have an income to get them through the current period.

Serena Williams speaks about the lower ranked players in tennis

Speaking on the KindredCast show with LionTree CEO Aryeh Bourkoff, Williams says, “I am just as curious as everyone and the sport has been really affected.

We have people out here in our sport that live to play tennis. So they currently don’t have an income because if they’re not playing and getting paid to go to these tournaments. They don’t have an income so it’s kind of really scary for a lot of players." “I’ve been playing for well over two decades.

So I’m in a different position but if you just started out it’s not a great place to be in. It’s a lot of things that bring a lot of questions now what’s going to happen or this could happen again or those players prep for it.

So how do you make things better for the players who inevitably are the content that tennis has." The governing bodies of tennis are currently working on a support fund for the lower ranked players who have been affected during the current shutdown.

Some of the higher ranked players though are not in favour of providing funds to the lower ranked players during this time. Serena Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam champion and is still ranked in the Top 10 in the world rankings, more than two decades after winning her first Grand Slam singles title.

She has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles, the most by any player in the Open Era, and is chasing the all time record of Margaret Court, who has won 24 Slam titles.

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