Serena Williams receives emotional stories from fans: “I see you and I hear you”

Tennis - Williams shared the top 8 stories from her followers

by Claudiu Pop
Serena Williams receives emotional stories from fans: “I see you and I hear you”

While protests continue to unfold in the many American states, Serena Williams asked her fans, through her clothing company, to share what their “S” (editor’s note: the letter) means to them today. After receiving the stories, Serena chose a top 8 and shared them publicly while showing her acknowledgment.

“We asked our community on Serena (editor’s note: her clothing line’s Instagram page) to share what their ‘S’ stands for today, and they need no further explanation. You are seen and heard…I see you and I hear you.

There’s so much power in speaking your story, in writing it, in sharing it,” Williams wrote on Instagram.

Top 8 “What does your ‘S’ stand for?” stories shared by Serena Williams

  • Story no.1: “Sensitive.

    Black women don’t always get the chance to be sensitive, to be soft. I choose the word ‘sensitive’ because I never want to forget my feelings, to forget that I should be treated with care and consideration.

    With love and compassion”.

  • Story no. 2: “Strength and Solidarity. My grandparents marched on Washington with Dr. King (editor’s note: Martin Luther Jr.) and Coretta (editor’s note: King’s wife), and I’m doing the exact same thing now.

    Black people are strong and it carries through generation to generation. I have hope for our community!”

  • Story no. 3: “Strength to keep pushing. By working in the public school system it’s easy to get discouraged from the disparity between urban and suburban schools.

    I know our kids deserve everything suburbia has and I work hard daily to help them get it”.

  • Story no. 4: “Survivor. I have survived cancer and growing up in impoverished Inglewood, California. I have survived generational curses and my unfortunate childhood traumas.

    I have survived the cards stacked against me and the odds that were not in my favor. I...Am...A...Survivor!”

  • Story no. 5: “Strength. As a small business owner and a minority, I have struggled to find equality in my professional life and my personal life.

    As a female musician and teacher, it is difficult to be seen and heard. I will continue my fight every day.

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