Serena Williams’ husband salutes kneeled Lewis Hamilton’s anti-racism message

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Serena Williams’ husband salutes kneeled Lewis Hamilton’s anti-racism message

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, greeted six-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton’s decision to kneel during the Austrian Grand Prix along with other drivers who felt like transmitting a message under the “Black Lives Matter” and “End Racism” slogans.

Lewis Hamilton is the only black driver in Formula One, so he felt like coming forward, but he was grateful that other drivers also joined his initiative. “Ultimately nobody should be forced into a scenario where they have to kneel.

I never requested or demanded anybody to take the knee. It was brought up by Formula One and by the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers’ Association). When we did the drivers’ briefing Seb (Vettel) and (Romain) Grosjean both brought it up and asked the drivers,” Hamilton told the British reporters.

“I am really grateful for those who did kneel along with me. I think it’s still a really powerful message but ultimately whether you do or do not kneel, that’s not going to change the world. It’s a much, much bigger issue,” Hamilton continued.

Lewis Hamilton’s message

The Mercedes driver finished 4th in Sunday’s Grand Prix. Nevertheless, Serena Williams’ husband – whose decision to resign from the Reddit board in a gesture of solidarity for what happened in the USA went viral after the killing of George Floyd – was impressed not by Hamilton’s performance on the track but by his message, which was dispersed across social media.

Alexis Ohanian shared Lewis’s post on an Instagram story. “Today was an important moment for me and all the people out there who are working for and hoping for change. For a more equal and just society. I may get criticism in the media and elsewhere, but this fight is about equality, not politics or promotion.

To me it was an emotional and poignant chapter in the progress of making F1 a more diverse and inclusive sport,” wrote Hamilton. “I want a better future for our generation and the ones after us. There is so much that needs to be done.

No one is perfect but if we all chip in and do our part, we can see change. I truly believe that. Thank you to my team for their incredible support and hard work this weekend and thank you to all who supported. Let’s keep pushing, guys.

See you next week. Love”.

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