Serena Williams’ Unstoppable jewelry pieces, inspired by 2015 Grand Slam streak

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Serena Williams’ Unstoppable jewelry pieces, inspired by 2015 Grand Slam streak

After her jewelry brand announced the decision to donate all July’s profits from the new Unstoppable collection, Serena Williams came forward and explained why she did it and how the idea of a new necklace design had sparked in her mind.

“My background is fashion design. This is a whole new category for me. But I’ve always had a love for jewelry if you look at everything I've done,” Serena Williams Jewelry told PEOPLE in exclusivity. “I’ve even played tennis in crazy [jewelry] pieces at times.

I wore a circular necklace the last time I won all four Grand Slams in a row. I had won four in a row wearing that necklace. I was just really unstoppable." And this was the inspirational story that stands behind the new jewelry collection.

After winning the US Open in 2014, Serena Williams went on to triumph at the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon. "There was nothing that could stop me from winning those four Grand Slams. At one point, I remember having the flu so bad that I literally was crying, but I still had this unstoppable attitude."

Why did Serena Williams choose to help business owners

As we have already reported, the 38 years old tennis legend plans to donate all the profits made until 5th August with the new collection to small business owners, especially black ones.

The decision follows the great amount of support offered by Serena and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, to the black community ever since George Floyd was brutalized by a police officer. “Life continues… and no matter what is thrown at us, we're going to continue to build and have an unstoppable attitude.

We were thinking about ways that people could be positive through everything that's been happening. I was thinking about how to help people feel like they can get through these moments,” Williams told People. "My team and I were thinking about how this [collection] could be a mission, and not just be about selling jewelry," Williams says, adding that she wants customers to feel "proud" about purchasing a bracelet or necklace that helps other people during this uncertain time. "We are unstoppable."