Alexis Ohanian joins Serena Williams in the clothing biz with a NY rental service

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Alexis Ohanian joins Serena Williams in the clothing biz with a NY rental service

It’s a known fact that Serena Williams has her own fashion line, but less known is that her husband, Alexis Ohanian, entered the apparel business after he invested – through his firm, Initialized Capital – in a private rental service for luxury menswear & streetwear called Seasons.

And the service just popped up on the App Store. Alexis Ohanian announced the newly launched app on one of his Instagram stories while taking a walk with his dog. Serena Williams' spouse climbed the soapbox for the streetwear rental service that he invested in.

“Taking the dog for a walk and I just remembered Seasons is now available in the App Store. Go take a look and try it out if you're into streetwear. They've taken a pretty radical approach to it, which I think is going to become even more relevant now in an age of sustainability in fashion.

It's rental, so all the top brands, all the best looks that you want,” Ohanian said on Instagram. “Rent it, wear it, enjoy it, send it back if you don't need it. Founding team has done an amazing job really, really focusing on making a beautiful product.

That is exactly what users want. So try it out. Let me know what you think. Istarted out just for the New York City metro area but they are expanding pretty rapidly to other metros so get a chance, take a look at Seasons”.

Ohanian explained why did he invest in Seasons

Serena Williams is not the only fashion addict in the Ohanian family. In a post on his firm’s Medium-hosted blog, Alexis Ohanian shared the noble mission behind the streetwear retail service that has just made its way into the App Store.

“Given the Cambrian explosion of apparel brands online, rising concerns for the environment, and student loan debt crushing a generation — shared access to apparel will become the new normal,” wrote Ohanian.

“That’s why we’ve invested in Seasons, a members-only rental subscription for menswear and streetwear founded by designer Regy Perlera, who previously worked at Nike and StockX. Seasons’ mission is to democratize access to fashion and rethink the idea of ownership by creating a more circular fashion economy that emphasizes sustainability, social responsibility, and financial literacy”.