Serena Williams’ AO nightmare Qiang Wang withdraws from US Open


Serena Williams’ AO nightmare Qiang Wang withdraws from US Open

After pulling off the major upset of knocking out Serena Williams (6-4 6-7 7-5) in the 3rd round of the only Grand Slam disputed so far this year, the Australian Open, Chinese no.1 Qiang Wang declared that she will skip Cincinnati and US Open tournaments due to the current travelling difficulties and for safety purposes.

“I’m very sad that I have to make this announcement,” said Wang. “Due to travel restrictions and safety concerns, my team and I have to withdraw from Western & Southern Open and US Open. It is a tough decision for me.

I want to thank everyone for the extraordinary effort and hope to see you all next year in the US”.

Qiang Wang also ended the partnership with her coach

The pandemic seriously hit Wang’s professional life, as it happened with most tennis players, and since she couldn’t benefit from the services of her coach, Thomas Drouet, she decided to terminate the collaboration.

“Under those circumstances, Thomas and I cannot team up for matches and regular training. After discussion, we have to put an end to our journey by mutual agreement. I want to thank him for his help and instructions along the way and everything he sacrificed for me.

I’m forever grateful! All my best wishes to Thomas and his beautiful family!”

Thomas Drouet, from coaching tennis to selling pizzas?

In April, Thomas Drouet knew that his job was in danger since Wang wasn’t earning money, so he hoped for the best, but he also stated that he would be willing to sell pizzas if the case required.

"I have a contract that is expected to be 35 to 40 weeks. When we learned that the tournaments were canceled at least until July, we tried to reach an agreement so that I would receive 50% percent of my salary and I counted it as an entire week.

She refused because she doesn't make money. I have no help and in that sense it is a little precarious situation and we don't even know when the circuit will be resumed. We decided to train from June and three weeks later we are going to Mauritius.

Still, if the circuit is all canceled I don't know how I'm going to do it." Drouet told L’Equipe.

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