Serena Williams’ husband, touched by Ronaldo’s gift to a 10 y.o. football prodigy

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Serena Williams’ husband, touched by  Ronaldo’s gift to a 10 y.o. football prodigy

After Cristiano Ronaldo sent a letter along with his gift – a Nike football – to Julia Rosado, a genius school girl that fell in love with soccer from an early age, Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, shared the Portuguese player's kind act, which was revealed to the world with the help of a video footage posted on Instagram by the same Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo captioned the video with the message: “From one footballer to another! Enjoy the Nike Flight Ball, Julia!” Also, the video features Ronaldo’s narration of his very own letter to Julia. “Dear, Julia!

When I was a kid on a small island a ball was everything to me. Now, in huge stadiums, I feel the same. It’s an invitation. It’s a feeling. It’s a connection to the entire world. That’s why I’m sending you this gift”.

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Ronaldo: “It all starts with a ball at your feet”

Julia’s very first response after she got the Nike football from Cristiano Ronaldo was spontaneous: “No way!

Is this real?” Besides the fact that Ronaldo sensed the same love for football in Julia as his, Cristiano admitted to her that she is an inspiration for him. “When I see your passion, your training, your commitment to a better future, it reminds me that it all starts with a ball at your feet,” Ronaldo says in the video.

Ronaldo continued with a motivational message to young Rosado: “Stay focused, play with love, and you will get anywhere you want (...) Keep working hard and always play with love” Answering, Julia promised that she is going to give the ball she got from the Portuguese “a lot of love” and invited the world-renowned star to “play some football!”

Who is Julia Rosado?

Jujugol, the nickname Julia Rosado is known by, started playing football since she was only four years old, and since then, she has shown remarkable skills that impressed echoing figures of the football world like Ronaldinho, Kaka, Marta da Silva, and many others.

“She hip-swivels like Marta, nutmegs like Ronaldinho, boasts the strength, fearlessness and movement of Hegerberg, the Romario toe-pokes and a thunderous, Rivelino-esque left foot,” writes

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are no strangers to the football world

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams are two proud parents of an even younger girl than Julia, but her name is Olympia, and maybe that is the reason why Ohanian was so impressed by Ronaldo’s loving act of reaching forward to a girl like Julia.

On top of all, Serena Williams and her daughter recently invested in a women’s football team in Los Angeles, called Angel City. So, we should get used with them getting more and more closer to the football world.