Serena Williams’ Alexis Ohanian reinforces his "stay home" Times Square ad

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Serena Williams’ Alexis Ohanian reinforces his "stay home" Times Square ad

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, reshared the “stay home” message, which he displayed on a billboard in Times Square 5 months ago when the coronavirus cases had just begun to grow. On 14th March 2020, when Ohanian bought an ad in Times Square to send his message to the world, the number of COVID-19 infections in the USA was 2774, statistics show.

Now, 5 months later, Donald Trump-led America has over 5 million infections. This proves that Ohanian’s message wasn’t enough, so Serena Williams’ husband decided to reinforce it by sharing it on social media.

“Staying home means saving lives, #FlattenTheCurve”, were Ohanian’s words, displayed 5 months ago in Times Square.

Serena Williams’ husband motivated his decision to buy the ad

Alexis Ohanian’s decision to buy the advertising spot in Times Square came spontaneously, as the co-founder of Reddit told Forbes.

“[The idea] just kind of popped in my head. It was a deliberate approach to think what is one of the densest populations of people in the U.S. and on a normal day that would be Times Square,” he said. “And then you have this cultural prominence.

The sort of meme of it is here is a billboard in Times Square about flattening the curve, just preventative measures to defeat COVID-19,” Ohanian continued. The ad’s cost was not made public, but it’s known that Alexis bought the ad using AdQuick, a company that he invested in through his investment firm.

However, Ohanian pointed out that the cost of buying the ad was “not important”. Before buying the ad and displaying it, Serena Williams’ husband roamed over what message he should choose. According to Forbes, he considered the following two variants, in addition to “Staying home means saving lives”: “Why are you even looking at this?” or “Why are you even in Times Square right now?” Unfortunately, Ohanian’s ad hasn't had too much of an effect as the coronavirus cases grew rapidly across the streets of the USA.

Yet, there were days when New York looked like a ghost town. All in all, we can only hope that the situation will get better.