Top 50 player: “Every time I enter US, they ask me if I’ve played Serena Williams”

Tennis - Ellen Perez can meet Williams for the first time at the US Open

by Claudiu Pop
Top 50 player: “Every time I enter US, they ask me if I’ve played Serena Williams”

Serena Williams is, without a doubt, one of USA’s most valuable human treasures, and Australian Ellen Perez, world number 43 in the WTA doubles ranking, is reminded that every time she travels to North America. “Without fail, every time I enter the US and customs asks my purpose for travel and I say tennis, they ask me if I have played Serena Williams,” Perez wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the 24 years old Australian player can’t take pride in meeting Serena just yet. However, Perez could finally meet the 23-times Grand Slam winner in September, at the US Open. A follower of Perez imagined this scenario and replied to the Australian’s tweet: “First round US Open 2020: Serena Williams vs.

Ellen Perez. Be prepared”. Ellen Perez responded: “I like the sound of that”.

Serena Williams, among USA Today’s 100 Women of the Century

Serena Williams is a living legend and millions of Americans recognize her as being a never-ending source of inspiration.

After all, Serena has recently been included in USA Today’s 100 Women of the Century alongside her sister, Venus Williams, and Billie Jean King. As we wrote before, USA Today compiled the list of women who have made a significant impact on the United States in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women being able to vote in the US.

About Serena Williams, who is still competing and continuing her legacy on and off the court, USA Today says she is "considered the greatest women’s tennis player of all time. Her 23 Grand Slam singles titles are just one shy of Margaret Court’s record of 24.

She owns 14 more in women’s doubles; all won with her sister Venus Williams, and two more in mixed doubles. Renowned for her powerful, precise serve, she also has four Olympic gold medals, three in doubles earned with Venus." Regarding Venus, USA Today cited her for becoming the "first African American woman to gain the world No.

1 ranking in the Open era (...) Venus Williams has left her own mark on the sport with seven singles titles. She is the only tennis player to win Olympic medals at four games, including a sweep of singles and doubles in Sydney in 2000. Her legacy also includes the fight, and victory, for equal prize money at Wimbledon and the French Open."

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