Serena Williams: Really interested to learn more about the Novak Djokovic led PTPA

Tennis - Williams says she can comment only after she knows more details about the proposed association

by Prakash
Serena Williams: Really interested to learn more about the Novak Djokovic led PTPA

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams is one of the first players from the WTA Tour to comment on the new Players’ Association, led by men's World No. 1 Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil. Djokovic and Pospisil confirmed the launch of a Players Association over the past month as more than 60 ATP players already signed up for the association.

While many had criticised the move due to the lack of involvement of the women players, Pospisil, who previously resigned from his position on the ATP Player Council, posted an update on Twitter in which he says, "Regarding the involvement of women in the PTPA; there is active dialogue with the women’s side.

We recognise the importance of women’s tennis and their involvement. This should be evident by the separate movement that started last year where we had support from over 70 of the top 100 ranked from both the men’s AND women’s side.

Also led by Novak and myself with Norton Rose Fulbright. The PTPA is at its infancy stage.. it will only grow from here." The association has also not been backed by the governing bodies of tennis - the ATP, the WTA, the ITF, and the four Grand Slam bodies - and several among the top players, including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who are still part of the ATP Player Council and haven't followed Novak Djokovic in this new journey.

Serena Williams wants to know more about the Novak Djokovic led Players Association

Speaking to the press in New York during the US OPen, Serena Williams shared her thoughts, saying she was keen to learn more about the new association before commenting on the same.

“I would be really interested to learn more about what everything is about because I feel like I can’t really have an opinion unless I understand more deeply. “I’m obviously always Team Djokovic, but at the same time I’ve been on the WTA Tour for 30 years and I know a lot of stuff that’s happening there.

“I would like to… yeah, I can’t really comment on that. “I do feel he (Novak Djokovic) has some very strong opinions that are often true. Yeah, I would just have to wait”.

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