Serena Williams pleased about 'competing'; undecided about French Open for now

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Serena Williams pleased about 'competing'; undecided about French Open for now

Tennis - 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams said she was pleased about the fact that she was competing well after her three set win over Greek player Maria Sakkari 6-3, 6-7, 6-3 to reach the quarter-finals of the US Open.

The win avenged a loss to Sakkari at the Western & Southern Open last month. "I think most pleasing is just competing. I feel like I'm -- well, I always compete, but competing and having a good attitude I think is what I'm most satisfied about."

Serena Williams says she will make French Open decision based on her health

The 38 year old American refused to comment on the Novak Djokovic incident on Sunday, which grabbed the tennis headlines across the world but she was quite forthright about her views on the announcement of the French Open that players will have to stay in designated hotels during the tournament when she spoke to the media after her win.

"Yeah, I was hoping to stay at my apartment in Paris, but, you know, I'm just taking it a day at a time. I feel the French, they are doing the best that they can. You know, it's hard. Every organization, every country is trying to do the best that they can in this pandemic, so I can't point fingers and tell them what to do, because I'm not running the tournament."

Williams remained non-committal about playing the WTA event in Rome next week and also said she had some questions with regards to the French Open but was focused on the ongoing US Open for now. "You know I love Rome (smiling).

I have a lot of friends in Rome. But I don't know. I'm literally living day to day, because there is so many organizational things that every player has to do and we have to figure out. And Rome, you know, there is also organizational things there that I'm not sure how it works, if I can bring my daughter, so that's going to be interesting.

So, yeah." With regards to the French Open, having fans at the tournament is another issue that Williams said that she will factor in while making her decision. "I'm honestly taking it one day at a time. I'm going to have to make the best decision for my health.

You know, obviously maybe it will be good for me to talk to the organizers just to see how that works with the crowd and how we will be protected. Yeah, it's just -- I still have some questions, but I'm really kind of, ironically, focused on New York but it's kind of hard because, you know, these Grand Slams are so close to each other this year."

Serena Williams will take on another mother - Bulgaria's Tsvetana Pironkova - for a spot in the semi-finals of the US Open.