Serena Williams: “I’m back to work and I’m doing everything I can to be the best...”

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Serena Williams: “I’m back to work and I’m doing everything I can to be the best...”

Serena Williams returned to social media after being off the grid for a while and confessed that she’s now recuperating for getting back on the court stronger after the US Open disappointment. The American tennis legend, who failed to win her 24th Grand Slam after being defeated on Arthur Ashe Stadium by Victoria Azarenka not even two weeks ago, motivated her absence from the socializing platforms in an Instagram Story.

“I have been off the social (media) for quite some time and now I’m back! I needed to take some time off because I was playing tennis, training, and doing all kinds of stuff,” admitted Serena. Besides reconnecting with her fans, Williams talked in a bitter manner about her performance of getting into the US Open semifinals.

“Anyway, I ended up being on the semifinals of the US Open which is great for everyone… but me,” Williams confessed. However, she hasn’t allowed herself to be sorrowful about missing another shot for her 24th Grand Slam.

Here is her full of hope message: “With that being said, I’m back to work and I’m doing everything I can to heal and be the best that I can be”.

Serena Williams’ next target: Roland Garros

Given Serena Williams’ strong spirit, the American is very likely to give all she’s got to capture French Open, even though she exited US Open disappointed.

"I made a strong start but Victoria kept fighting. She raised her game and played better and better. Maybe I took a little too much off the gas at some point, but full credits to her. It's disappointing, but I did what I could today.

Other times, I have been close and I could have done better. Today, I feel like I gave a lot. I'm going to travel to Europe and play Roland Garros,” Williams said after falling down in 3 sets against Azarenka. Watch the amazing highlights from the US Open semifinal between Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams.

Victoria Azarenka won in three sets for 1-6 6-3 6-3, reaching the third final at the US Open, after the last one won in 2013 and lost against Serena Williams.