Serena Williams and coach Mouratoglou feature in new Netflix movie - The Playbook

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Serena Williams and coach Mouratoglou feature in new Netflix movie - The Playbook

Serena Williams declared herself proud of her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, after watching The Playbook, a Netflix-produced movie that was released on 22nd September and which features her prolific coach. The American legend praised the movie on social media and even shared a piece of it where you can see Mouratoglou talking about Serena.

“Proud of you Patrick Mouratoglou. Your story on Netflix’s The Playbook is inspiring. It’s incredible how you always push me to get more out of myself. I’m so happy I made that phone call. This is a must-watch,” Williams wrote on Instagram.

“The day after, I received a text message from her (Serena Williams), saying ‘I want to get ready for Wimbledon.

Can I practice at your place?’ I said, ‘Of course. See you tomorrow”, Patrick Mouratoglou narrates in the shared clip. “She said, ‘I want to come back to number one. What do you think about my game? What I should do?’ It was a big question.

I thought… I have one shot. I have one chance in life to work with the greatest of all time. If I don’t shoot exactly in the right place, I’m done. I have to be perfect. Basically, I said, ‘First I think you’re an underachiever…”

What is Serena Williams’ coach doing in The Playbook?

As described by Netflix, “The Playbook profiles legendary coaches as they share the rules they live by to achieve success in sports and in life.

Featured coaches include the Los Angeles Clippers' Doc Rivers; two-time FIFA World Cup-winning coach Jill Ellis; Premier League’s José Mourinho; Serena Williams’ famed tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou; and hall of fame basketball player and coach Dawn Staley”.

Patrick Mouratoglou responded to Serena Williams’ post in which the movie is praised: “Thanks a lot Serena for your support! That is a crazy ride!” Serena Williams is now recovering from her Achilles’ heel injury that made her problems again, forcing her to withdraw from the 2020 edition of the French Open.