Serena Williams: "I love to be the voice millions of people don't have"

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Serena Williams: "I love to be the voice millions of people don't have"

Serena Williams is undoubtedly one of the strongest tennis players in history. Out of the court, Serena has never made a secret of her strong dislike for Donald Trump and is very active for Black Lives Crazy. In 2018, when she returned to the field after pregnancy, Nike designed a tracksuit specifically for her to help with clots.

In 2019 the Nike designer Virgil Abloh designed a suit for her with the words Mother, Champion, Queen, Goddess.

Serena Williams' words

In an interviw for Vogue she said: "As an athlete, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, wife and mom, I know it's not always about being perfect, but about being prepared for what life throws at us.

Every success of a woman. it should be inspiring for another. We are stronger when we support each other. You know nothing about ordinary life, most of you went to school less than Greta Thunberg. You are nobody to teach us. In this society women are not expected to be the leaders of the future or the CEOs of the future.

This narrative has to change. It may not improve in time for me, but those in my position can show women and people of color that we we have a voice, because god knows I use mine. I love to stand up for people and support women.

To be the voice millions of people don't have. When I was a girl, what was celebrated was different. Venus was more like what she was. considered acceptable tato: has very long legs and is very very thin. I didn't see people like me on television, big people.

There was no positive body image, it was a different era." In her incredible career Serena Williams has won 23 Slams in 33 finals played, and a total of 73 titles in 98 finals played. she is still looking for the Slam record, which still belongs to Margaret Smith (24 Majors).

The American also won 14 Slams (and a total of 23 titles) in women's doubles with her Sister Venus and 2 Majors in mixed doubles. She also won an Olympic gold medal in women's singles in London 2012 and three Olympic gold medals in women's doubles with her sister Venus, in Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

She was world no.1 of the WTA women's singles ranking and of the WTA women's doubles ranking. The last athlete to be competitive in all tennis specialties and on all surfaces. For 21 years. Simply incredible.