Serena Williams' newest initiative for women as part of Bumble

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Serena Williams' newest initiative for women as part of Bumble
Serena Williams' newest initiative for women as part of Bumble

Former world no. 1 Serena Williams, who has invested in the app Bumble as part of her myriad business portfolio, will be a part of the company's newest engagement. The company's latest endeavour is about showcasing women who have demonstrated immense courage in their lives.

Speaking about the campaign, Williams said, "I am so proud to team up with Bumble in recognizing five women who have shown exceptional acts of courage this year. So, to nominate yourself or another woman, head to the Bumble app and match with the women of courage profile." The theme of the campaign is "Women of Courage".

It will feature five women who have been brave in the problematic year that 2020 has been. As an acknowledgement of their courage, each of these five women will be part of a virtual photoshoot with Vogue. Every woman who uses Bumble can be a part of this initiative.

There is a branded profile card on which if one swipes right, one can nominate herself or if she wants, someone else, too.

Serena Williams' Bumble Partnership

Williams invested in Bumble in March 2019 after having first joined the company in their Super Bowl ad in February 2019.

It was the company's first Super Bowl advertisement and it resonated with everyone, far and wide. Bumble was launched in 2014 and despite facing stiff competition from dating apps such as Tinder, it has held its ground with its unique services.

About the ad, the company's Chief Brand Officer, Alex Williamson said, "Half of the viewers [of the Super Bowl] are women, but the majority of conversations around the Super Bowl are geared toward men. This was a moment to break through the noise and speak directly to the women." One such unique service that the company says it offers is that its app is much safer for women as compared to its rivals.

Apart from the dating app, it also offers a friendship app and an app for professional networking, like LinkedIn. These two services are called Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. So for all women on Bumble, just put yourself forward and Show exceptional courage on Bumble this year to make your dreams. Vogue magazine will make those five women courageous by the support of Serena Williams on the platform of Bumble.

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