The Serena Williams' Foundation: a mission for the rights


The Serena Williams' Foundation: a mission for the rights

About a year ago, the Serena Williams Foundation helped build a school in Jamaica, the Salt Marsh Elementary School. Through her own foundation and partnership with some local foundations, it is not the first time that the younger of the two Williams sisters has succeeded in this particular undertaking: formerly a UNESCO ambassador, in the past she had also helped Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe with the same project, with the aim of helping the less fortunate countries to provide education to the new generations.

In Kenya, for example, after the end of the project, the school built was named after her, Serena Williams Secondary School; she is not alone, because fortunately there are those who help her and for the technological equipment she wanted to contribute, providing all the material, even the giant Hewlett-Packard.

If you'd like to help and support the Serena Williams Foundation, you can use this link: In 2014, Serena participated in a charity run, always in support and with the support of her Foundation.

She said: "I've been running for about 10 years in events like this. Last year, after running 5,000 I thought, wow, I should really promote a collection through a race, because it's an effective and fun way to promote a life healthy: people love it and you can walk, run, bring your family.

It definitely improves stamina on the court. If you run many miles, you know that then on the pitch you can hold out for three or four hours if the match demands it. I like to run short distances, like 5 km: in this way you do not abuse your body too much but you can still experience the atmosphere of the race.

I was probably putting on so much pressure to win the eighteenth Grand Slam that in the end I panicked and over-stressed myself. " Committed to social, children's rights, women's rights, gender equality and civil rights, Serena was one of the great supporters of Black Lives Matter this year.

"Women are stronger than men, and above all we don't waste time complaining, but we always try to do our best, without any difficulties. This is why when you have small children crying in a family, it is often women who hold them in your arms. Men sometimes prove stupid for some of their ways, "she said, in one of the best speeches of her incredible career.

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