Here's how Serena Williams invests in startups founded by black women!

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Here's how Serena Williams invests in startups founded by black women!

Serena Williams made some interesting commercial investments during her career, as have done others her illustrious colleagues, such as Maria Sharapova, for example. The American champion is one of the most loved and envied sportswoman, always sought after by brands and magazine covers and, obviously, one of the richest women on the planet.

According to Forbes magazine, Serena had assets of over 200 million euros in 2019. However Williams did not accumulate her wealth just by playing tournaments and winning prize money, although, speaking of prize money, she has won about $ 90 million.

Serena herself has repeatedly admitted to having invested her money in various companies and companies, especially those not listed on the stock exchange. Williams explained that he prefers investments in companies founded by ethnic minorities or women.

Many times they encounter greater obstacles in seeing their company selected by large investment funds. Serena William is convinced that Silicon Valley is making a big mistake by not investing in startups founded by black women.

To remedy this lack, she launches Serena Ventures, a venture capital firm, which invests in early-stage entrepreneurs. The mission is to support dreamers and visionaries of the future, giving them the opportunity to capitalize on their genius.

One of Serena Williams' best investments, as she herself admits, is in Alchemy 43, a Californian company specializing in skin preservation microtherapy and facial beauty treatments. Serena Williams has invested her assets in both digital start-ups than in brick and mortar companies, non-digital companies.

The exhibition between Wozniacki and Serena Williams will happen!

The terrible pandemic we are experiencing, as we know, has upset and reshuffled the certainties of the world of sport. Tournaments, exhibitions, championships, training have suffered a setback for several months and consequently this has had a very heavy impact also from an economic point of view.

Many tickets purchased, many expenses that have failed in recent months. However, in these dark times, a ray of sunshine illuminated the smile of women's tennis fans: the exhibition match that should have permanently say goodbye to the professional career of the Slam champion Caroline Wozniacki after her retirement in Australia (she was defeat in the third round against Ons Jabeur) and which had been postponed due to the covid was, as communicated by herself, officially scheduled for 2021.

The Australian Open 2018 champion shot a small video in which she announced the news, while her management agency f Sports Group ApS published the video on Instagram along with a caption in which the feasibility was confirmed.

of the event. "As promised, all ticket buyers will once again have the opportunity to get their tickets refunded when they announce a new date. Of course, we hope that as many people as possible continue to want to pay tribute to two of the biggest sports stars in the world.

world. It is a huge puzzle that must be solved by a higher authority, but we can assure you that we will continue to work with great effort to be able to announce a date in the near future," we can read in the message in the post.

As many will know, Caroline's opponent will be none other than Serena Williams, an extraordinary champion and great friend of the former Danish tennis player. The two tennis players were supposed to face each other on May 18 in Denmark in an event called The Final One, but the strict topicality had forced the organization to forfeit a few months earlier due to the complications caused by the virus.