Serena Williams trains with her daughter in Australia!

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Serena Williams trains with her daughter in Australia!

Even in Melbourne, in full pandemic, the American tennis champion Serena Wiliams did not want to give up her daughter who she decided to bring to Australia for the duration of the quarantine and the tournament. An important opportunity for little Olimpia Jr.

who turned 3-years-old in September, to really begin to understand how central tennis has been in her mother's life and maybe start that slow process that could lead her to love this sport. In the video posted on her Instagram profile, Serena is seen warming up with her daughter next to her trying to emulate her movements and try to hit the ball.

In the second part of the video, on the other hand, little Olimpia tries to collect and hand the balls to her mother. This is probably what the former world number one hopes, who at the age of 39 continues to chase what would be her twenty-fourth Grand Slam that would lead her to equal the primacy held by Margaret Smith Court.

Until now, the attempts to assault the Australian former player's record have been in vain: in fact Serena has not won a Grand Slam tournament since 2017, when right here in Melbourne she won her twenty-third Major by beating Venus Williams in the final with a score of 6-4 , 6–4.

Alexis Olympia, had on September 1, 2017 by her husband, the billionaire entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian co-founder of Reddit, already has an Instagram profile with over 600 thousand followers. Serena Williams had already said that she had enrolled her daughter for some tennis lessons, but with a very particular choice: not to reveal her identity.

"I enrolled Olympia in some tennis lessons. She won't start with me, because I won't give her tennis lessons, I enrolled her in a school," Serena confided on social media. "But the tennis teacher doesn't know that she is my daughter, so let's see how it will go!" Serena wanted to clarify that what interests her are the notions, not to make her daughter a professional player.

"I'm not a pushing mom, but I know how much I like the techniques and the notions, so I'll make sure the teacher is able to teach Olympia the technique," she said.