Tiriac’s son strikes back on Serena Williams’ husband after “racist clown” attack

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Tiriac’s son strikes back on Serena Williams’ husband after “racist clown” attack

Soon after Serena Williams’ husband described Madrid Open’s owner Ion Tiriac as being a “se*ist/racist clown”, the businessman’s son, Alexandru, reacted with an open letter to Alexis Ohanian through which he condemned the “emotional” and “baseless” accusations.

“To Mrs. Williams's husband, I have read your tweet with a mix of disbelief and disgust. “The Tiriac name has a 70-year-old tradition in the world of sport and the gentleman you are referring to has written a few important chapters that have contributed to the book of tennis along these decades.

From player to coach, to manager, to tournament promoter, the well-respected person you are bad wording in these degrading terms has been and still is, at the age of 82, one of the strongest advocates of this sport The respect that he has for Mrs.

Williams is tremendous as it should be, she is and will be remembered through time among one of the top 20-25 players that have highly contributed to this sport. She has a personality that opened doors to many younger generations of athletes in all folds of sports and social walks of life.

For all these reasons we are all very grateful to her. Mr. Williams (Ohanian, Ed.), the only reason I will reply to your unnecessary tweet is that words are easily used and misinterpreted in today's world through the various platforms in existence.

Free speech should not be wrongly replaced with inappropriate slander. In my humble opinion, and to use a well-known quote, "with great power comes great responsibility”. As Mrs. Williams’ husband you no longer only represent your own opinions when you talk about sports, but also the voice of an icon.

It would be a real shame to cast an erroneous image on her legacy through emotional baseless tweets. I hope that through these few sentences I can bring some wisdom to your future misguided public declarations, and maybe some due respect to a self-made man who is a true lover and a lifelong contributor to this sport.

Congrats to Serena, very well deserved, keep going forward and writing history in such a wonderful career!”