Stephen Smith: "Serena Williams has an impassable wall called..."

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Stephen Smith: "Serena Williams has an impassable wall called..."

Four Grand Slam finals and as many disappointments, and that record Slam that she just doesn't want to arrive, which from a dream has quickly become a nightmare: Serena Williams' run-up to the Slam record is becoming like a mission impossible.

In the press conference, Serena left after a few minutes, in tears, letting it leak out with that: I'm done, many, too many things. Is Serena one step away from goodbye? "Retirement? I don't know, the people here in Australia are fantastic, it was nice to have them around.

If I ever quit tennis, I wouldn't tell anyone. I don't know, I'm done," she said.

"Serena Williams has an impassable wall named Naomi Osaka," said ...

Sport analyst Stephen A. Smith has suggested that the young Japanese Naomi Osaka may be one of the reasons for Williams' retirement.

During an interview he explained: "The bill came up all together. She lost and the specter of retirement has become overwhelmed with physical problems and age. But there is always the side of the personality that says to try again, Only one is missing.

I hope this is happening to Serena. But I believe that the tears in the press conference after the lost semifinal are due to an impassable wall that sees her path in front of her. This wall is called Naomi Osaka. When you see such a great difficulty in front of your path that prevents you from going on your way, you can think of giving up and stop trying.

I hope with all my heart that this will not be Serena's choice." With three more chances to win the long-dreamed 24th Major and finally snatch and share that record from Margaret Smith's sole hands. To close with a flourish, perhaps, in front of her crowd at the US Open.

It is unlikely that she will also play in 2022. Now Serena speaks with the eyes of disappointment, the defeat against Osaka, in any case, will have repercussions. "I wish Serena would play forever," said Naomi Osaka about her rival.

The Japanese seems to be Williams' only true heir, the only one able to take her role, to be as dominant as Serena was.