Serena Williams' new AMAZING DRESS ROBE

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Serena Williams' new AMAZING DRESS ROBE

Serena Williams posted photos and a video on Instagram with a very elegant red dress and intriguing make-up, also to ward off the disappointment of the recent Australian Open 2021, where she lost in the semifinals against Naomi Osaka; and especially after the tears she dropped in the press conference.

Serena posted photos of her during her recent photo shoot, along with hairdresser Angela Meadows, makeup artist Natasha Gross, stylist Kesha McLeod, and photographer Ronald Wayne. Under her robe, Williams wore a burgundy minidress with red pumps.

Williams is one of the greatest icons of tennis, also for her impact on glamor, outfits and make-up. She, in addition to being the greatest tennis player of all time, is also one of the most iconic style icons. At the 2021 Australian Open, she wore an asymmetrical color block one-piece suit.

Serena Williams' new AMAZING DRESS ROBE

She added that she collaborated with Nike to create the look. Williams said in a post-match interview about her Melbourne outfit: "I was inspired by Flo-Jo, who was a wonderful track athlete, an extraordinary athlete, when I was little.

Looking at her fashion, her the clothes were always great. This year we thought about what we can do to continue to elevate Serena Williams on the court. The Nike team actually thought of this Flo-Jo-inspired design. I was like: Oh, my God, he's so brilliant.

That's where we started. Of course we made some tweaks and tweaks. It became this." Williams also shared a video from the photoshoot, in which she descends the stairs in slow motion before posing for some shots, a wind machine elevating her hair and robe.

Alexis Ohanian wore a t-shirt to support his wife at the Australian Open 2021, while he watched Serena play against Simona Halep. Ohanian wore a t-shirt with the words: Greatest Femele Athete, with the modifier Femele correctly crossed out.