Serena Williams trains with Dimitrov: it's time to play again

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Serena Williams trains with Dimitrov: it's time to play again

Serena Williams is back to training on the court after the tears of the Australian Open, shed in the press conference after the semifinal defeat against Naomi Osaka, during which she said: "I'm done," sparking many rumors about her eventual withdrawal.

But she also added: "If I ever had to say goodbye, I wouldn't say it to anyone." Many wondered if this could even be the American star's last tournament, and not just her last Australian Open.

Serena Williams trains with Dimitrov: it's time to play again

Sunday Serena posted a video of her workout of hers with world number 17 Grigor Dimitrov.

"Just a casual hit," she said on Instagram. Dimitrov, on his own Instagram, shared a video and he wrote: "My practice partner is better than yours." Venus Williams added: "Omg are you guys hitting now? Where is my invite?" In short, Serena still seems ready to go down again on the court, ready to amaze herself, her fans and her opponents, once again in search of that 24th Grand Slam title that she is looking for with great ardor.

As also reported by the Times of India, Serena Williams talked about the Slam record, still belonging to the Australian Margaret Smith: "She Surely she weighs on my shoulders and my mind.

It's a good thing that I'm thinking about it. I'm used to it by now." The absolute record for the highest number of Major trophies won in her career still belongs to Margaret Smith Court, who won the last one in 1973.

Discussing her retirement from the Gippsland Trophy instead, the eldest of the Williams sisters said: "I believe that at my age and at this point in my career I just have to keep playing according to my physical condition, I don't have to put myself in a bad situation to my health."

Serena also spoke of the harsh quarantine in Melbourne in recent days: “Actually, I didn't let myself be influenced too negatively. I realized that my life is like a big quarantine too, since there are few times I leave my home.

It wasn't that different from what I normally do. The only difference is that I was forced to do so, having no other options. I think it was the best choice for all players."