Serena Williams' heir is Naomi Osaka or Cori Gauff?

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Serena Williams' heir is Naomi Osaka or Cori Gauff?

Serena Williams' heir is Naomi Osaka or Cori Gauff? Coco Gauff, in 2019, qualified for the first time at the main draw of a Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon, where she then reached the 4th round by beating, among others, Venus Williams, five-time winner at the Championships.

At the US Open that same year, Gauff made it through the first two rounds before being defeated by Naomi Osaka. There are many similarities between Serena, Cori and Naomi. However, unlike Richard Williams, Coco's parents followed what Richard did for his daughters.

Corey Gauff also had little knowledge and experience in tennis. Both Gauffs helped Coco become a professional tennis player, with Corey serving as her coach.
When she was 10, Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou began training with her.

For five years she has been training in her tennis facilities in the south of France. Asked about the similarities between the tennis icon's career paths and the rising star, Mouratoglou said he's not in the habit of comparing players.

He still thinks Williams are the greatest player of all time.

Serena Williams' heir is Naomi Osaka or Cori Gauff?

Osaka, on the other hand, despite her young age, is writing the history of tennis. Naomi Osaka is definitely the tennis player and woman of the moment, the most coveted sportswoman by brands and the most loved by fans, sometimes criticized by haters: she is the true heir of Seena Williams, the only one able to collect her incredible legacy.

Osaka has a strong passion for fashion: she herself has declared that the passine for fashion is second only to that for tennis. In addition to her sporting achievements di lei, Naomi has also become an important figure in social struggles, as we saw last year during the protests following the brutal assassination of George Floyd, and at the center of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Over the course of her career she has won seven WTA titles out of eleven finals played, four of which are Grand Slam tournaments: she boasts the victory of two US Open in 2018 and 2020 and two Australian Open in 2019 and 2021.

Following the first Australian success, on 28 January 2019 it also reached the first place in the world ranking for the first time. Naomi was the first ever Japanese athlete to win a Grand Slam title, the third in the Open Era to qualify for the WTA Finals in 2018 and the first Asian ever to reach the top of the WTA rankings. She is Serena' true hair?