Kevin Anderson hopes Tour break will prolong his career

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Kevin Anderson hopes Tour break will prolong his career

Kevin Anderson, 33, hopes the Tour break will help him prolong his career for at least a year. The Tour has been suspended until at least July 13 due to the coronavirus outbreak. As it stands now, the suspension will once again further extended.

Anderson, a two-time Grand Slam finalist, turns 34 next month. "I’m not looking at it in a bad way but I do only have ‘x’ amount of Wimbledon’s left in me so I have seen this period as a chance to rest my body and hopefully I will be able to play an extra year of tennis because of it.," Anderson told East Coast Radio.

“I hope that not being able to play this year might give me a chance to make that up towards the end of my career." There is a real chance that the whole season will eventually get called off. "This is obviously unprecedented and we have no idea when the season will start again so it is quite challenging," Anderson said.

“We could be playing in the summer but there is a realistic chance that it will be much later or even next year and everyone is on the same page in that we only want to return when it is safe to do so. “I do think that with the way things are going we could have an eight week notice period before any tournaments are confirmed but right now it’s just enjoying the family time and working out at home when I can.

“When we get given the green light I’ll probably go into an off-season training period before getting back into action."