„Tennis Mental Game Secrets´: Tennis is very psychological

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„Tennis Mental Game Secrets´: Tennis is very psychological

The importance of mental skills in tennis is already noticed not only by professionals but also by amateur level players and just tennis lovers of any kind. Most of the coaches, psychologists and players say that mindset is the key for winning matches and confirm that about 90% of the game is mental.

The “Tennis Mental Game Secrets” book by Jan Stanski presents a passionate look at the tennis people that know about it. About what for them is, what are the ways to work with a player and as their eyes tell the sport has evolved: Jim Taylor, Antoni Girod, Lan Bale, Jack Broudy, Tom Veneziano, Ed Tseng, Andy Dowsett, Johan Kriek, Mark Holdstock, Allistair McCaw and Patrick Mouratoglou.

It is the journey into the world of tennis not only for fans, but also the psychology of sport enthusiasts and those who want to be a combination of these two disciplines to know more. The following are some excerpts from “Tennis Mental Game Secrets” book: Dr Jim Taylor: “Developing mental skills in tennis is essential for players to play their best.

Motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, and emotions are five of the most important areas that players need to master” Antoni Girod: “One of the most important principle in competition state of mind is to be focused more on the path than the result.

This is the sense of the quote of Kipling written on the players door in Wimbledon: ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same’” Tom Veneziano: “The tennis coach should have both the physical and mental aspects combined into one system that develops them simultaneously” Patrick Mouratoglou: “I’ve always considered that we were playing a major role also on the player’s mental side.

First of all, we are working everyday to help them build their confidence both on and outside the court” Johan Kriek: “The most important elements in working on relationship coach – player are trust, consistency and care” Allistair McCaw: “Self talk is a huge factor, the voice inside your head.

The attitude you have towards life and everyday things. The people you surround yourself with is another area that is important. You need positive people around you - Surround yourself with winners!” “Tennis Mental Game Secrets” book is available for purchase on amazon.com During the period from 30th of December 2013 to 6th of January 2014 the book will be selling for promotional amount on amazon.com. Fanpage of the book: facebook/TennisMentalGameSecretsbook Wishing the readers all the best in developing mental skills and good luck on the tennis court.