Evert Tennis Students Shining in the ITF Circuit

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Evert Tennis Students Shining in the ITF Circuit

Evert Tennis Academy's students made their director Jacopo Tezza very proud last week. The students worked hard to make their progresses count, playing in international competitions to prove their improvements and technique achievements.

The students at home in Boca Raton tested themselves in back-to-back ITF Tournaments in Mexico. ETA Traveling Coach, Marco Matteucci, took students to the ITF Queretaro Junior Cup Grade 3 in Querataro and followed with ITF Jalisco Junior Cup Grade 4 in Guadalupe.

ETA student Gabriel Nemeth performed great tennis throughout the tournament and made it to the Finals of the Jalisco Junior Cup this past weekend. Gabriel didn't win the tournament, but fought hard in the last act to lose in three sets with the final score of 5-7, 6-2, 6-3 to Felix Auger Aliassime.

Fellow ETA student, Alvaro Regaldo, won 4 rounds in the main draw of singles but, unfortunately, had to retire once he made it into the Semi-Finals. Evert Tennis Academy’s Director of Men’s Tennis, Reginaldo Moralejo, commented on Nemeth’s success over the past two weeks, “Gabriel Nemeth has improved immensely in his competitive skills.

He used to be a player that, unfortunately, would lose first round in Qualifying of ITF Tournaments and now he has made it to the Finals of Main Draw ITF Grade 4 Tournaments!"

Moralejo was also very pleased with our other players’ competitiveness.

“Our students are doing the right things to be competitive and it is showing in their results.” ETA Students have returned to campus and are training hard this week for the upcoming ITF Tournament Copa Universidad Galileo in Guatemala.

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Photo of the week stars Gabriel Nemeth with coach Marco Matteucci: