How different is the tour today compared to the 70´s, 80´s, and 90´s?

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How different is the tour today compared to the 70&acutes, 80&acutes, and 90&acutes?

Who hits the last ball is the winner and that will never change, but what does it take to hit the last ball on both the WTA and ATP Tour? I am asked this same question all the time. If I were allowed to give only one answer what would it be?

The physical statures of both the men and ladies and their training programs.

Yes, other factors are also involved including:
1. Technology of rackets
2. Strings and stringing patterns
3. Movement
4. Grips
5. Positions on the court and styles of play
6.The list goes on but to be successful boils down to strength and lower body foundation.

There is no better example to explain strength and getting stronger than Novak Djokovic. It has only been a period of 3 years or so that Novak’s brand was one of him being out of shape and doing nothing about it. The analysis was not true.

He did work physically but a stroke of fortune came about. He took up a relationship with a man from New Jersey who analyzed his 24 hour schedule and came to the conclusion that his diet had to completely change.

The results have vaulted him to #1 and in the best player ever talk, and justifiably so.

Novak is a machine that is as smooth as silk or as fierce as an F-18 fighter jet.
I know when you watch tennis you ask yourself, “how did he get to that ball and hit a winner.” Getting better is not fun. The majority of all people in life throughout the world do things that are fun, but their excellence stays status quo.

Why not try doing what you can’t do, or feel uncomfortable doing.

If you apply this philosophy, I guarantee you there will be improvement because you will develop a habit. Something you were uncomfortable doing before will now be second nature.

I am positive that so many of you do not work on things that are uncomfortable because you are afraid of failure or even embarrassed when your friends or family watch you.

My father explained to me that when you fall down it’s not the end of the world. It’s another chance for you to get up and learn from what you did. Nick Bollettieri