Nicola Kuhn, Building a champion

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Nicola Kuhn, Building a champion

He is training hard since 2012 at the JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy. Under the orders of his coach Fran Martinez, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Cascales who supervise him every day, Kuhn is destined to be part of the history of Spanish tennis players. Despite not being 17 (he turns into it this month) Nicola Kuhn is one of the biggest promising tennis players in Spain.

He was born in Germany, but he has been living in Spain since he was just a baby-born. In fact, he is part of the Spanish group of tennis players. Since 2012, he is carrying out his career at the JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy.

In the academy, Kukn has combined his studies with his tennis training, working up to 7 hours per day, doing among others activities: tennis practice, fitness or psychology work. “It is a very difficult task, given he is not only training technically or physically but also academically” says his coach Fran Martinez, who is like a second father for Nico “I spend more time with Fran than with anyone else.

We are together for 4 years now, so we have got to know each other and our relationship is simply perfect, not only in court but also outside. It is something special and I wish we could be like that my entire career”.

Nico Kuhn and Pablo Carreño Busta are the great expectations of the Spanish men professional tennis in the not too distant future. To achieve their goals, the academy JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy is doing a constant hard work trying to keep their feet on the ground.

“Nico spends over 5 hours per day practicing in court, but the rest of the time he is doing activities out of the court. It is complicated for him and people around him to keep calm and transmit him the same message: to be a sensitive and mature athlete and person” says Martinez.

Kuhn has always stood up in all categories he has attended to. Even last year, in spite of being 16, he played U-18 tournaments. “We move ahead step by step, focusing always on the daily work. We should keep calm when we are facing professionals players” says his coach.

The transition from the junior tournaments to the professional tournaments, is very difficult and some players have lost themselves, but Kuhn has been prepared thoroughly. “every phase is though but we are in no rush, we go all the way carefully” underline Martinez.

While Nico says “If you are nervous or anxious you will make mistakes. One of the most important things to keep you calm is to enjoy what you do. This feeling is even better if you are working well” From the beginning of the year, Kuhn is attending Futures tournaments.

Last year he did such a good performance in 4 Grand Slam, getting quarterfinals at the US Open, and semifinals in Roland Garros. “He was ready, more mature and he wanted to do it very well and get past rounds. It was a wonderful experience for him, he could overcome difficult situations” says Martinez.

Besides, Nicola Kuhn has had the opportunity to take part in two preliminary rounds of ATP tournaments in Valencia and Barcelona, where he won a set and was very close to win the match. “there were great experiences which are worth considering at this stage and the ITF tournaments”.

Reveals Kuhn, and recognizes that “ I am a complete player, I have good shoots and good physical state, but I have to keep working to get the ATP professional levels. If we compare a 215 serve with another one of 180...there is a big difference” Martinez and Kuhn keep working hard.

Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio Cascales help them too “Juan Carlos and Toni are very supportive, they share their knowledge and experience with me. Juan Carlos has been world no.1 and he has lived all the situations I am passing through, so his advices are so important for me.

An unique experience thank of being part of JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy, where the ex no.1 lives alongside his tennis players every day since he is living inside the academy too. “I think not all young tennis players have this benefit, it is a great opportunity for me so I try to enjoy and take advantage of it as much as possible, I always say that Juan Carlos has been one of my favorites, and being able to work with him is so special for me”.

With Nicola Kuhn, the future of the Spanish tennis is guaranteed, even more after knowing the work he is doing. He is a jewel that from JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy refined every day. “We are a big family, we feel ourselves at home, I strongly recommend to other players to visit us and take part of our family, it is worth” concludes the player