Zverev: "I don't care what Boris Becker says"

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Zverev: "I don't care what Boris Becker says"

Alexander Zverev is one of the most interesting players in the Next Gen, one of the candidates to take the place, sooner or later, of the Big Three. Despite this, his setbacks are not appreciated and defeats like the one who reached the final at the US Open in a sensational way against Dominic Thiem are etched in the minds of all tennis fans.

A fellow countryman of Sascha Zverev, former tennis champion Boris Becker recently criticized Zverev for his attitude on the pitch and defeats in certain tournaments. Here are his words of Becker about the young tennis player: "The main culprit of Sascha's losses in the Grand Slams is only himself.

He should understand why he has to correct his mistakes, he continually makes these mistakes and in difficult phases he tends to remain passive, he stays behind the field waiting for the opponent's mistakes. Obviously this does not happen and in the end he loses the match, we have to correct this situation definitively "

Alexander Zverev's answer to Boris Becker

The German Top Ten spoke again on the matter and responded in a dry manner to Zverev.

Here are his words: "Boris Becker and I have known each other for several years and I know what he thinks of me. Actually we both know what we think of each other, I'm not surprised at all but I don't care. Currently my only goal is to win Olympic gold in Tokyo with Germany and nothing else, I am preparing thoroughly for this and we will see how things turn out at the Olympics."

Zverev will leave tomorrow with the German expedition to go to Tokyo and to try to win Olympic gold in Tokyo from next 25 July. Zverev participated in Wimbledon where he struggled from the early rounds and was eliminated in the Round of 16 against Canadian tennis enfant Prodige, young Felix Auger Aliassime.

Zverev had recovered two sets after the initial disadvantage but in the end he lost the battle and fell 6-4 in the fifth and decisive set. Once again, in front of a not impossible scoreboard, the German lost at the best and for this reason further criticisms came.