John McEnroe: "Media? I agree with Naomi Osaka"

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John McEnroe: "Media? I agree with Naomi Osaka"
John McEnroe: "Media? I agree with Naomi Osaka" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The problems that have struck the tennis champion Naomi Osaka in recent months have caused a lot of discussion both for tennis fans and for the professionals themselves. The Japanese tennis player has had an attitude of opposition towards the obligations of the tennis players with respect to the press conference and in general to relations with the media and has repeatedly clarified how at a mental health level it is complicated for young athletes.

A former great tennis player of the past, the American John McEnroe talked about this situation and in practice he found himself very much in agreement with Naomi Osaka. Also due to what happened with the media and a fine for missing a conference, Naomi Osaka withdrew from Roland Garros and then chose not to participate in Wimbledon.

The four-time Grand Slam tournament winner was fined for announcing that she would miss all press conferences.

John McEnroe's words about Naomi Osaka

John McEnroe came back to an episode from the past and revealed that he felt in a similar situation with respect to the relationship with the media.

It was Wimbledon in 1977, he was 18 and had just lost the semifinal to world number one Jimmy Connors. Returning to that challenge and what happened after McEnroe revealed: "When I was 18 and I made my debut at Wimbledon center my legs were shaking and I remember losing the first set against Connors even before I entered the field.

It was absurd to confront Connors but it was even more absurd to meet the media at the conference afterwards, which made me very nervous. Precisely for this reason I can say that I can understand Naomi Osaka and her recent problems with the press.

I always respected the media and I really cared about what I said and what they asked me, I didn't care about those few who asked me stupid questions just to sell a few more copies of the newspaper. In general, I'm always on Naomi's side, I want to see her grow up and I think girls like her can only do the good of this sport."

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